Historic recreation

house-1 The original Norwegian Store house located in Stockholm, Sweden. Built with notched and edged logs and a sod roof, and designed with overhangs to prevent pest invasion, this structure is thought to be at least a 1,000 years old.

house-2 Five feet in diameter and 40 feet long, these coast redwood peeler logs were transported to the high sierra to be milled into building timbers for a replica of the Norwegian store house.

house-3 Peeling the logs and rolling them into position for cutting.

house-4 Edging a log in preparation for cutting the complicated angled beams used in the foundation platform. Using a Granberg Alaskan chainsaw mill powered by a 20 horsepower Hydraulic motor.

house-5 The fourth cut in the sequence. Note the use of leveling spikes set out along the length of the log. The mill travels along a set of steel channel iron sections that are placed on moved along the 40 foot length as needed.

house-6 A closer view of the Alaskan chainsaw mill riding on the channel. This is a special cut where the channel is on spikes on one side and flat on the cut on the other side. This was to create the correct angle on the beam.

house-7 Another view of the spikes used to guide the channel and the mill.

house-8 Milling the bottom cut on one of the huge foundation beams.

house-9 Making a small leveling cut on one of the foundation beams using a special angle jig attached to the chainsaw.

house-10 Edging the foundation beam using the Granberg Mini Mill and a boat wench to pull the Mini Mill.

house-11 Cut timbers that will be rounded to simulate the logs used in the original walls.

house-12 Using a special chainsaw jig designed by company founder Elof Granberg to round the building logs.

house-13 A rounded beam.

house-14 A stack of finished building logs.

house-15 Preparing the final cut on the cross beams that sit directly on the foundation.

house-19 Finished bottom foundation beams.

house-17 Cutting the notches in the foundation lock blocks using the Alaskan chainsaw mill posts running in the slots of the channel iron.

house-18 The assembled Foundation section. This was pre-assembled before moving to the building site.

house-19 The completed redwood building in Bear Valley, California

house-20 Company President Erik Granberg standing beside the foundation beams cut and fit 29 years earlier by himself, Ken Erickson, Larry Erickson and Bob Bean.