Granberg International has everything you need for chain saw milling and maintenance. For over 55 years, Granberg has been manufacturing tools and accessories to repair or sharpen saw chain, as well as mills for home lumber making.

We have been in business for over sixty years and in that time we have introduced many innovative and useful tools to all the continents of the world (except maybe Antarctica).

Our saw mill attachments are our most popular products. They are easily portable and environmental impact is minimal. The ALASKAN MARK III chainsaw mill and the MINI-MILL II chainsaw mill portable chain attachments allow the user to efficiently saw trees on site and produce dimensional lumber suitable for building or woodworking projects.

                                                 MADE IN THE USA



Granberg Answers Your Questions.

What size lumber mill attachment do I need?

How big are your trees? How wide of a board do you want to cut? These are questions we can help you answer. Granberg's Alaskan Mark III Chainsaw Mill comes in five normally stocked sizes; 24, 30, 36, 48 and 56 inches long and all of them will clamp on any size chain saw bar(except one shorter than 5 inches and some narrow bars).


Granberg Mark III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill At Work

The perfect tool for opening up new markets and new opportunities

Looking at a huge white oak resting on the ground after a tornado, I felt a little like the Roy Scheider character in the movie Jaws, when he sees the shark for the first time, and says, “I think we need a bigger boat.”

The tree’s owner wanted the log milled so that he could have furniture made from it, for sentimental reasons. Problem was, the log